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Google AdSense Terms & Policies guide for every beginner blogger

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Google AdSense Terms & Policies guide for every beginner blogger

Google AdSense Terms
As you know people are very much interested to create a blog. They don’t have passion only to write best content as they would like to earn money online as well from Google AdSense. This article is very important for every blogger so that they can know about at least basic google AdSense terms.

Below are basic google AdSense terms and definition

CTR: Click Through Rate

It’s ratio of clicks to the number of total views/impressions. CTR is main factor that how successful you are for the targeted ads advertising campaign through your website. Now there is new update also, called Mobile ad CTR for the mobile advertising.
Formula to calculate CTR = clicks / impressions

CPC: Cost Per Click

It’s figure of earning amount while visitor clicks on the ad from your website. Other term is PPC (Pay Per Click).
Formula for CPC = estimated earnings / total clicks

eCPM: Effective Cost Per Mile

Mile means 1000. The eCPM calculator tells you that how much you are receiving advertising revenue from Adsense after you got 1000 impressions on the website.
Formula for eCPM = estimated earnings / 1000


Google AdSense is best online program to earn money online. Above important points are very important to become a successful online earner from AdSense. If you want further help, then please feel free to contact us.


This information is just according my knowledge of Google AdSense. I tried my best to explain it very well and in a simple way. I agree, that I may have misinterpreted/mistaken some of information. Please You may contact your AdSense Expert before making any changes.

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